Terms of Service

By Using CSGOWorld.com, you acknowledge and accept the following Terms of Service in full and without reservation, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and you are responsible for compliance with any applicable laws in your jurisdiction these Terms of Service govern your use of CSGOWorld.com.

You must be at least 18 years of age to play on CSGOWorld.

Maximum Bets

Maximum bets are adjusted manually to maintain site solvency, this may change at any given moment to maintain the site’s solvency

Crash & Dice

The maximum payout is 10,000 coins. This means that the bet + profit cannot exceed 10,000 coins in a single bet.


The maximum Bet is 5,000 coins. This means on Black & Red, your maximum profit is 10,000 coins. On Green, your maximum profit is 70,000 coins.

Item Pricing

CSGOWorld reserves the right to reject or discount certain items based on price, volatility, or popularity. Item prices are subject to change without warning, at the sole discretion of CSGOWorld. Our bots does not recognize the quality, stickers, or name tags of any items. Items of the following are automatically rejected by our bots, Souvenir items, Stickers, Music Kits, and Capsules. Items that are 0.50 steam dollars or lower, are not accepted by our bots.

Using CSGOWorld as a trading platform is strictly prohibited. Trading is defined as using CSGOWorld service to deposit items with the intention of withdrawing other items for a profit without a proportionate amount of play. It is at CSGOWorld sole discretion to determine if any trading abuse has taken place and reserves the right to restrict your account at any time. A 5% fee of withdrawal will be automatically added to your account if your wagered amount isn’t applicable to your Deposit amount.

Code of Conduct

Players are asked to remain respectful at all times. Excessive spam, harassment, staff impersonation, solicitation, and defamation are strictly forbidden. Website advertisement, particularly of competing services, is not allowed. If you are caught abusing a bug, all your coins will be confiscated. Failure to not comply with any of the above Code of Conduct will result in a temporary or permanent ban from using CSGOWorld. The Chat rules are also applicable to the code of conduct.

Limited Liability

CSGOWorld is not responsible for trade/account bans that may occur as a resulting of accepting items from our bots. CSGOWorld does not refund any items lost on the site. By agreeing to the Terms of Service you are playing on at your own risk. If any of our bots are banned and or your coins are lost due to a bug, your coins on the site are safe and you will be refunded.

Privacy Policy

Steam profiles are used for identification purposes across the site. By using our service you acknowledge that your Steam profile, persona name, and avatar may be shared with other users.

CSGOWorld will never ask for, collect, or share the personal information of any of our users.

CSGOWorld is not affiliated with Valve Corporation or Steam